The Band

Karl Thesing - compososer & Piano // Sophie Moser - Violin & additional Piano // Ella Rohwer - Cello
Karl Thesing
Composer // Piano
He is the composer of the music and plays the piano. His musical background is diverse and ranges from film music to performances in rockbands. "Agité" has always been a dream of his and now becomes reality together with Sophie&Ella
Ella Rohwer
Ella plays the Cello. She has a classical background but also plays a lot of crossover and contemporary. Her musical empathy is outstanding and she adds a lot of the emotional depth to the music.
Sophie Moser
Violin // additional piano
Sophie plays violin and additional piano on the fourhand-pieces. She has a classical background but also plays a lot of pop and crossover. With her will to experiment, she has a very expressive feel that adds a special note to the compositions.

Bio // About

The collaboration of the three artists was created in 2016, as part of the collaboration for the film "vive la mort" by Thomas Welte. At the first screening of the film, the idea arose that a film score should be the foundation for "agité". Even during the finalization of the film, the notion was given more thought regarding this musical concept and perception of music.

"The beauty, lies outside the sterility of the supposed perfection"

The way was clear: away from the smooth, washable & generalized - and towards intimacy, directness & honesty. Moreover, leave the path of digitization and do not hide the moment of recording and its atmosphere, but celebrate it. "The goal is to give the listener the impression that he is right in the room of the recording." The foundation of the music consists of the uniqueness of the three players on their respective instruments, as well as the composition & production. The music is not written with the idea of reproduction. The cello is written for Ella on cello and the violin, for Sophie on her instrument. It is their expressive way of playing, which breathes life into the compositions & creates the moment.

"With few words one says much. The simple is what causes the poetry of music to become manifest." The now 11 pieces are comprised of parts from compositions up to five years old, which the composer could never finish or find the necessary framework for. In addition, there were new compositions, inspired by the collaboration with Sophie & Ella. The three artists left their home town of Cologne to record the pieces in Saxon Switzerland, in the studios of Arno Jordan (Castle Roehrsdorf). The composer chose the studio because of the possibility of recording the works almost completely analog. In addition, the studio has a wonderful Bösendorfer grand piano from the 19th century. This instrument was one of the reasons why there was no way of passing up this studio. The artists spent a total of 12 days in the studios. Day and night, they worked together on both the finalization as well as the sound of the pieces.

"Agité conveys the attitude that changes the significance of the feeling, giving it lightness and weight all in one.“

In addition to music, the concept of unity is incredibly important for the album. Thus, the collaboration with the designer Fernanda Sabaudo occurred, who took on the development of the entire artwork of the album and the titles. Furthermore, Benedikt Ernst became the photographer of the project, which, in addition to the press pictures, created the images for the artwork. The debut album will be released in the autumn of this year and is the foundation for many planned live performances, music videos & art projects.


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